Dunbar in the News!

President Obama Honors Dunbar Crimson Tide at White House

On Wednesday April 19, the 2011 DCIAA Champions-our very own Dunbar Crimson Tide football team-were invited to the White House to be honored alongside the University of Alabama Crimson Tide for their BCS championship win. Our boys, dressed in shirts and ties, were accompanied by former head coach Willie Bennett, new head coach Jerron Joe, athletic director Johnnie Walker and Principal Stephen Jackson.

Like their namesake, our Crimson Tide overcame a mountain of adversity on their way to 33-21 win over the Coolidge Colts at the 2011 Turkey Bowl. This commonality, beyond shared mascots, was stressed by University of Alabama head coach Nick Saban when he and his team spent a half-hour talking with our players before the South Lawn ceremony. “When you guys do something like what you did…that really is something special.” said Saban.
After shaking hands, trading war stories and soaking up on-and-off-the-field advice from the Alabama players and coaches, our boys were led to their VIP seats on the South Lawn. When their host, President Barack Obama, arrived he spoke briefly to the crowd of distinguished guests and acknowledged the efforts of both teams, highlighting the perseverance necessary to succeed in spite of formidable challenges. Afterwards Mr. Obama took a few moments to take pictures and shake hands with guests. He engaged in some lighthearted banter with some of our players, coaches and administrators. “I know these guys play football, but they’re also studying hard, aren’t they?” joked Mr. Obama. “Absolutely!” replied Principal Jackson, smiling. “They’re going to do extremely well on the test this year.”

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