The MiT Board

kat calvin

President and Founder

Dorothy in Training

When Kat was a little girl, the highest compliment someone could pay her was to call her “Little Dorothy”. All she ever wanted to be was like the smart, independent and glamourous woman with the black and white pictures of travels around the world, the warm home with fried rice and yellow grits and Mahalia Jackson records and the town library with her name on the wall. Kat’s grandmother Dorothy was the epitome of 50’s cool. She was Grace Kelly and Marion Anderson and Rosa Parks and Amelia Earhart all rolled into one. She was also educated and independent and always seemed to know everything about everything. On top of all of this, Dorothy raised four amazing daughters, all MiTs themselves. The most wonderful which, of course, is Kat’s mother Lisa. So Kat is both a DiT and a LiT… Terrible acronyms. Wonderful women. With any luck, Kat will one day be like them.

Ashaki Noni Holmes-Kidd

Vice President, brandHER Chair

Emily Post in Training

Ashaki is a corporate and securities associate at a large law firm in Washington, D.C. Born and raised in the South, Ashaki was taught that manners rule supreme, and she holds this ideal close to her heart today (just ask any of her dinner party guests). Hailing from a family of beautiful, talented, and intelligent women who have succeeded in medicine, law, business, and education, Ashaki saw first-hand that business acumen and good manners can successfully co-exist. She hopes to impart these ideals and the joys of etiquette to the wonderful girls of MiT.
Ashaki is a proud graduate of Emory University and the University of Virginia School of Law. She is married to Embry J. Kidd, also an attorney in Washington, D.C.

Kiah Leigh Rhode

Secretary, showHER Chair

Barbie in Training

If you’ve ever met Kiah, then I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear she played with Barbies, a lot. Despite all the feminist clamoring about how Barbies hurt little girl’s self esteem, Kiah would argue just the opposite. What other lady could be a rock star by day and moonlight as a surgeon? Barbie could do anything she wanted, and always looked amazing doing it. These are the lessons Kiah took from that favorite childhood toy, and she’s now living a quite the Barbie lifestyle, working in marketing by day, designing jewelry by night, and never seen out in sweats.

Angel McNeil

schoolHER/hireHER Chair

Linda in Training

 Growing up Angel watched and learned from one of the most selfless women in the world. She watched and learned how important it was to give back, to do for others, and to have a good heart. It was those lessons learned from her first teacher, her mother Linda, which has catapulted her into a life of service and giving back to others. Things Linda always stressed was the importance of learning, working towards causes that one is passionate about, being supportive and there for others, just trying your best and always be joyful. It is those lessons that Linda still continues to teach through example today is what drives Angel in every endeavor of life she embarks on.

Stephanie M. Phillips

Volunteer Coordinator

“Simon Woman” in Training

If someone asked Stephanie, what sound she remembers most about her childhood it would be the laughter of her mother and aunts the “Simon Women.” The Simon Women are a special group of women, her grandmother (Louise), mother (Myrtis) and her eight aunts (Mamie Lee, Barbara, Ann, Mary Dell, Bertha Ree, Corrie, Betty, Shelia and Denise), each of these women exemplify love, strength, loyalty, honesty, faith, kindness, a family first attitude and the importance of education. These women inspire Stephanie to live life holisitically and to always be ready to lend a helping hand. Stephanie, is a native Texan who has been living in the DC area for just over two years. She completed her undergraduate studies at Texas Southern University (TSU), a Masters program in social work at the University of Texas at Austin, and is finishing her PhD in Education Management at Hampton University. Stephanie’s hope is that in every interaction she leaves a little love behind.

Dorian Evers

 Teacher Liaison

Superwoman in Training

Dorian Evers is a born and raised Californian who spent her childhood years enjoying the nice sunshine, the great outdoors, and taking advantage of the many opportunities offered during high school and her college, UCLA. Like many kids do, Dorian grew up aspiring to be just like the person she looked up to the most—superwoman. Her superwoman, however, was not the traditional cape wearing, crime-fighting vixen one sees in comic books—her superwoman was her mother. Her mother showed her that a woman is able to be successful in the workplace and maintain a strong, healthy relationship with her family by believing in herself, her abilities, and leaning on the support of her daughters and husband. Now, Dorian is using the values and skills instilled in her by her mother to help her be a leader in the classroom, within Teach for America, and for young female students who aspire to be just like their superwoman.

Jazmyn Singleton

leadHER chair

Madame C.J. Walker in Training

A native of Denver, CO, Jazmyn’s entrepreneurial spirit began at a very young age. She used her love of arts and crafts to sell handmade items at local markets, returning home each time with a profit. These experiences empowered Jazmyn to always believe in the power of her creative talents. She credits the motivation, love, and support she receives from her three “SheLeaders” Nana, Nessie, and Smee for all of her accomplishments. Jazmyn hopes to follow in the footsteps of Madam C.J.  Walker to become a successful business woman who uses philanthropy to remain connected to her community.

“There is no royal flower-strewn path to success. And if there is, I have not found it for if I have accomplished anything in life it is because I have been willing to work hard.” – Madam C.J. Walker

LaToya Grant

PR & Marketing Chair

“Eleanor in Training”

The only child of a teacher and a social worker, it’s no surprise LaToya has always looked for ways to give back to her community.  LaToya has spent her life trying to serve as a positive influence on those she encounters, just like her mother, Eleanor, has done.  Her mother was the woman that gave selflessly at home, work, and church.  Growing up, LaToya’s friends would always tell her, “Your mom is great!  I just love her!”  It’s that warm, giving spirit that LaToya has strived to possess and share with the youth she’s worked with, whether it’s been at church, at summer camps, or in her community.  It is her hope to serve as a real life example to show the participants of MiT that women can be smart, poised, selfless, and successful, all why supporting the young lady sitting next to you.  A South Carolina native, LaToya is a graduate of Florida A&M University and is an analyst at a securities self-regulatory organization in the Washington, DC area.  She currently volunteers as the Director of Communications for Benevole and as the Outreach Co-Chair for First Book – DC.

Karen PetersKaren Peters

swagHER Chair

“A Classic in Training”

Karen Peters, a native of Charleston, South Carolina, has always been passionate about fashion and how it correlates to the person wearing the clothing.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University and pursuing a short career in corporate Marketing and Sales, Karen realized that her true passion still remained with Fashion. In December 2010, Karen became the first graduate to receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion and Retail Management from The Art Institute of Charleston. Since then, Karen has continued to chase her dream of bridging the fashion and substantial worlds by starting her company, KMP Consulting, which focuses on teaching the art of individual Fashion, style, and dress.

Currently, Karen is working in higher education, while pursuing a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Maryland University College. In the near future, Karen hopes to spread her love for fashion and personal style on a wider basis by becoming a college professor of Fashion.

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